About Me

Pat Gaunt

My passion for web development started at university where I was studying Multimedia Technologies. This degree offered a wide range of skills from Flash to Java however the one thing that stood out for me was Web Development.

As part of my degree I had the option to take a work placement in my third year, allowing me to gain some important industry experience before continuing with my final year. I took this opportunity by securing a job at DBNetLink; a .NET Web Applications development agency. My first task at DBNetLink was to redesign and build the company’s existing website. This was my first opportunity to use the .NET platform to create my very first commercial website. Over the year I was involved in various projects as we updated the existing products, as well as creating some completely new products.

After my year in industry I returned to university for my final year and particularly excelled in the area of web technologies. I was eager to complete my degree and enter the commercial world where I could really make a difference. I graduated from university with a 2.1, a solid starting point for any graduate.

Straight after completing my degree I started to search for possible job opportunities. I quickly came across TVI Design, a web design agency in Buckinghamshire who suited my working style perfectly. I stayed at TVI Design for 2 and a half years, during which the company was rebranded as 64 Digital. I was involved in some exciting websites using some of the latest technologies available.

After my time at TVI I decided it was time to move onwards and upwards; I joined The Site Doctor, a company offering similar services but using different tools. I have become a part of an extremely enthusiastic team with a real passion for the industry.

I have recently decided to extend my skills by creating websites for smaller companies and individuals on my own, as well as creating some JavaScript plugins for anyone to use on their websites. I am extremely passionate about what I do, always paying close attention to detail and I am looking forward to the rest of my career ahead.